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Yes, Lord, I need you. I definitely feel like being a smart ass today. People are pushing it. But I know You are greater. So, please help me to be greater! #surrender #attitude #peace #selfdiscipline #selfcontrol #GODisGREATER #bible #scripture #verse #strength #nofilter (Taken with Instagram)
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Loving this verse of the day. #VOTD #bible #scripture #speech #seizetheday #liveitout (Taken with Instagram)

I’m starting a 30 day healthier me challenge tomorrow. I’m going to be pushing myself to stay spiritually and physically fit. I need a ton of prayer and some scriptures that will keep me motivated and encouraged. I need o push through this. I NEED to finish this. 

Getting fit has been on my mind and heart so heavy the past week or so, and I really feel like God is trying to help me help myself for whatever He has planned for me. 

I know that God can use me more when I am in the word and ready to listen to whatever He has to say. And I also know that I need to be physically fit to do some of the things He’s going to call me to do. I know I will need energy and stamina.

And honestly, I just want to be confident in my looks. I don’t need to be “skinny” or lose a whole lot of weight, but I want to be fit. I like the tailored look where my clothes fit nicely and nothing is poking out. I don’t like gaps or pudges where there need be none. lol. I want to look clean and neat. I am representing so much more than myself. And we all know if I want a man that is fit and looking like a million bucks, I have to look like the woman who wants him and can keep him right? Let’s keep it real now. lol.

So, in conclusion, please pray for me and send me encouraging and motivational scriptures. I am looking to draw closer to the Lord. I am looking to be fit for Jesus!

Thanks Loves!

- ashaTAYLOR . <3